Solutions for Power, Transmission and Distribution

Electrical power must be generated and delivered to homes and businesses across a country. Often, power is generated in remote locations, particularly as more renewable and offshore sources of energy are added to the network.


Solutions for Offshore

Satellite communication technologies can transform life out on the open ocean. We have developed solutions inspired by the challenges that maritime professionals face every day.


Solutions for Military

Without communications it would never be possible to carry out military operations. Limited terrestrial communications and challenges posed by standards-defined cellular technology in the field have led to big changes in how the military executes its communications networks.


Solutions for OEM

We recognise that our OEM partner needs are different from the requirements of the end user. Wireless Innovation provides a broad range of cost-effective, high-quality, reliable products that are ideal for integration into OEM products for new application development.


Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry spans the globe. Discoveries of oil and gas have been made on every continent as well as both offshore and onshore.


Solutions for Renewables

Wireless backhaul for renewable source monitoring. Climate change concerns and a global pressure to reduce CO2 emissions are driving a massive shift towards renewable energy production.


Solutions for Telematics

How your fleet is managed can have a huge impact on the profitability of your business. Visibility is an essential part of this, whatever type of vehicle you operate.


Solutions for Tracking

Safeguard assets, protect workers, manage logistics. Ensuring the health, safety, and security of your company assets and personnel is critical to any organisation’s success.


Solutions for Water and Utility Management

Water distribution and treatment is essential to life on this planet. Billions of litres of drinking water are delivered to homes and business across a country every day.

Bring your data home

Wireless Innovation specialise in retrieving data from remote and hostile environments

We provide end to end connectivity solutions that allow our customers to transport their data from anywhere in the world securely and efficiently. Our extensive expertise in wireless communication allows us to offer our customers the right solution for any situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver complex hybrid solutions, a truly end to end approach that ensures your data gets to where you need it, whatever the technology.

With Wireless Innovation as your partner, no location is too remote.




Wireless Innovation is providing connectivity solutions for Smart Meters, Substation and Interconnection management, and SCADA applications for Electricity Generation and Distribution Utilities.



Wireless Innovation has a proven range of Satellite based Backhaul solutions deployed with many Water Utilities, ranging from a unique Satellite SCADA solution, to support for CSD, IP and SMS type messaging protocols.



Wireless Innovation has worked with Telematics providers to help develop standalone Satellite or Hybrid Satellite/Cellular based solutions for Vehicles, Generators and other Assets.



Wireless Innovation has deployed satellite solutions for Wind and Solar Assessment, using traditional sensors alongside LIDAR, SODAR in over 100 countries, working with all major Renewable Assessment equipment providers, alongside rapid deploy Data Backhaul for PV Array projects.


Oil and Gas

Wireless Innovation has provided Satellite solutions for Pipeline Monitoring, Shutdown Systems, Metering in both Offshore and Onshore environments, and can provide Equipment for use in Hazardous areas.



From Buoys, Unmanned and Manned platforms, Wireless Innovation has delivered a range of Marine Satellite solutions for DataLoggers, SCADA and general Internet Access.



Secure, Rugged, Approved, Voice, Data and Tracking solutions have been delivered directly to Military and Security agencies by Wireless Innovation, alongside the development of key Military Applications in conjunction with Equipment manufacturers.



Personnel, Animals, Assets, Vehicles are amongst the many challenging scenarios Wireless Innovation has provided satellite tracking solutions for.



With its wide range of Chipsets, Modules and Modems, along with Back Office integration and Billing solutions, Wireless Innovation provides Satellite Integration solutions for a wide range of Equipment Manufacturers.


Over the years the team at Wireless Innovation have gained expertise in many different technologies and industries.

We have worked extensively in the utilities market, successfully partnered with many companies across the world (leading to the Queens Award for Enterprise – International Trade in 2010) and provided solutions for local authorities throughout UK.

Every customer has different requirements so every solution we provide is unique, whilst backed by our years of experience. We work to deliver end-to-end solutions that meet each client’s individual needs – whether that’s a wireless network for CCTV backhaul or a satellite communications system for retrieving critical M2M data from a mountain top.

It’s why we’ve taken the time to learn all about the protocols used and the issues and challenges faced in different industries. That’s why we’ve become experts in satellite and cellular communications. It’s why we are experts in SCADA and Telemetry monitoring, M2M communications and retrieving remote data.

Wireless Innovation has the expertise, experience and people to solve your data communications challenges, whatever your industry.




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