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Ensuring the health, safety, and security of your company assets and personnel is critical to any organisation’s success.

Our solutions have been developed to track, monitor, and protect valuable company assets and personnel. Wireless Innovation offers communications services for your fleet and workers on land or at sea. In remote regions where terrestrial communications are limited we provide global satellite coverage allowing you track the location vehicles, ships, lone workers, or other assets.


Effective tracking of vehicles, ships, or personnel requires an end-to-end approach.

If your work takes you or your personnel off the beaten track and you need secure, dependable voice and broadband access then we can help. We have developed a wide range of tracking solutions that are truly portable, quick to set up and easy to use. Wherever you are on the planet, stay connected.


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Corporate Overview

More about the services and expertise that set Wireless Innovation apart.

Taxi Dispatch Systems

The next generation of taxi dispatch systems For taxi and private hire companies, getting drivers to the correct locations on time is key to success. Late arrivals mean unhappy customers and unnecessary delays reduce a taxi’s earning time. Cellubi from Wireless...

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The challenge of Asset Tracking

The challenge of Asset Tracking At any time of day or night, millions of pounds worth of goods are in transit across the globe. A vast capital investment currently sits in container ships, freight trains and road haulage depots, part of a global supply chain....

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