WILPort from Wireless Innovation is a comprehensive management platform that consolidates all aspects of M2M device management in a single intuitive interface. Wilport enables our customers to control, manage and administer their M2M devices with maximum efficiency.

Using WILPort Wireless Innovation customers have a single management interface through which they can manage all aspects of their M2M activity – from ordering new services to controlling usage parameters on an individual device, from monitoring support tickets to creating detailed custom reports. WILPort simplifies the management and administration of multiple M2M devices by allowing our customers to control the minute details of their entire operational network from a single online portal. It works with both satellite and cellular devices, domestic and international – helping you to optimize and configure your network for maximum performance and efficiency.


WILPort enables you to visualize your network resources in real-time from a single, easy to use management interface. With WILPort, you can see at a glance which devices you have available for use, their status, usage patterns and the rate plans associated with those devices. Then you can provision, activate or suspend devices with a simple mouse-click, creating and shaping your device network in real time. WILPort allows you to closely manage satellite and cellular devices at individual or group level helping you to ensure that your M2M device network is always running at maximum efficiency and that it always suits your precise needs.

Device Management

WILPort provides a simple and intuitive interface to manage and control all your M2M devices and services. Take care of service provision, credit control, reporting and support from a single, easy to use portal.

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