Campbell Scientific

Campbell Scientific specialise in the manufacture of precision acquisition and control products that can be deployed in harsh and remote environments. Their products are renowned for their versatility and dependability, making them ideal partners for Wireless Innovation.

Campbell manufacture a broad range of data logging products used for agricultural research, environmental, meteorological and climate monitoring, hydrology, industrial R & D, structural and geotechnical monitoring and many other applications.

Download the Campbell Hosted Services Datasheet

Download the MiChroSat for Campbell datasheet

Campbell Scientific


VECTRONIC Aerospace GmbH combines the knowledge of over a decade of research and development in space technology and wildlife monitoring.

It has now become one of the worldwide leading companies in the area of wildlife monitoring and offers a wide range of superior-quality products for small satellite applications.



Arkessa enables IoT device and applications developers to connect to the Internet of Things, regardless of network operator or radio technology. Arkessa provides Enterprise, System Integrator customers with a robust, secure and future proof service that is easy to adopt, integrate and scale. Arkessa’s Managed Services span single- and multi-network cellular with first time connect capability, highly resilient and secure communications.


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