Galileo GSCS Webtrack Platform

User Friendly, Vehicle, Asset and Telematics Platform

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GSCS® WEBTRACK permits users to gain a birds eye view of an unlimited number of devices in real time, via a web based platform. A wide range of Networks (Cellular, Iridium, Globalstar) and Devices are supported.

The system is web-based, requiring no on-site server infrastructure, and provides user friendly and secure, simultaneous multi level access (viewer through to administrator), GSCS WEBTRACK® interprets the protocols of multiple devices and displays them using user defined symbols on a range of user selected map interfaces.
The platform provides easy interaction with data transmitted by the devices (speed, position, altitude, direction, battery status, engine status on/off, etc.) Per second refresh provides near real time tracking in cases where the assets are reporting movement.

User defined alerts can be created by zone, by speed, by motion, or triggered by the I/O ports on the asset. These can then alert users to events by e-mail, while providing on screen alerts at the time of the incident.


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