GTT Systems GTTS-2000B

Low Cost Iridium Tracker with Extended Battery

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The GTTS-2000B is an Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) tracking device with an extended battery life, designed to operate reliably and cost-effectively in the most hostile environmental conditions. Its simple installation process and minimal costs make it a truly unique option for applications that require long-term, low-maintenance tracking and tracing support.

A true ‘plug and play’ installation process

The GTTS-2000B requires no wiring or switches and has zero installation costs. It simply sticks like a magnet to any ferrous surface and activates itself automatically. All you need in a single compact enclosure GPS and Iridium antennas along with a long-life battery are enclosed in a single robust form factor, providing you with a single, all-in-one solution for a broad range of tracking applications.

Activate tracking applications quickly

The GTTS-2000B self-activates whenever it is magnetically mounted on a ferrous surface. It allows you to quickly implement tracking and tracing for a variety of uses such as tracing trucks and trailers, vessels, barges, dredgers and excavators. Its ideal for container tracking and deployment in any environment where power sources are unavailable.


  • Size: 350x100x50mm
  • Weight: 1250g
  • Optional Magnets Weight: 180g
  • Magnets holding force: 1080N (~108kg)


  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +65C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to +65C
  • Humidity: 100%


  • Motion Sensor: Used to control reporting frequency
  • Ferro Detector: Used as turn on/ off switch and removal/ sabotage detector


  • Electrical Battery: 5.6V / 15.6Ah
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Sulphur Dioxide (Li-SO2)
  • Power Consumption: 60uA typical (sleep)
  • Expected Battery Lifetime: 4000 transmissions

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