Out of the box ready SBD Modem

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Ready-to-use SBD Transceiver

MiChroBurst is a satellite transceiver from Wireless Innovation that combines the global coverage of the Iridium satellite network with the low latency of the Iridium SBD (Short Burst Data) service.

MiChroBurst is a ready-to-use IP-44 rated transceiver built using the Iridium 9602N Transceiver, that offers developers a swift, risk free means of creating and testing the inter-operation of the Iridium SBD service with external devices, without the requirement to physically embed a modem first. It’s a comprehensive, ready-to-use bundle that enables our customers to get to market fast with applications such as tracking, alarms and monitoring over Iridium SBD. MiChroBurst delivers a complete development-ready package:

  • MiChroBurst Module
  • Magnetic Patch Antenna
  • 2m Antenna Cable
  • 2m Power Cable
  • Manual and Developer’s Guide


  • Dimensions: (H) 35mm x (W) 110mm x (L) 85mm
  • IP Rating: IP 44


  • 12/24V dc 650mA
  • Fusing: Internal 1.5A Slow Blow


  • Data Interface: 9 Way D-Type RS-232
  • RF Interface: SMA Male

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