User ready Iridium Modem

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The Iridium modem optimised for remote locations

MiChroSat 2403 is a low rate data communications solution developed by Wireless Innovation for deployment in remote locations.

Based on the Iridium 9522b modem, MiChroSat 2403 provides global coverage via a network of Low Earth Orbit satellites, supplying data connectivity via direct internet dial-up or via asynchronous modem to modem connections.

MiChroSat 2403 is a flexible Iridium 9522b based solution that can be deployed in a range of remote environments to supply connectivity for a variety of applications. MiChroSat 2403 provides secure, reliable connectivity in places where PSTN networks don’t reach and where GSM coverage is poor.

  • Uses Iridium CSD or RUDICS Service
  • “Out of the Box” Ready
  • IP 44 Rated
  • Programmable via AT Command set interface
  • Based on Iridium 9522b modem
  • Full Developers Guide and Technical Support included
  • Complete, development-ready package

For more information see the MiChroSat website.


  • Weight 995g Approx.
  • Dimensions 225 (l) x 170 (w) x 55 (h) mm


  • Input Voltage +9 to +30 DC (12 or 24V DC Nominal)
  • Power Consumption @ + 12V
  • Sleep: 15mA
  • Idle: 150mA (Approx)
  • Transmit: 900mA(Average)


  • Operating Temperature: From -30°C to +70°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Relative humidity: 95% IP44 Rated


  • RS-232: DB9 Male Connector
  • Voice Port: RJ-45 Female Connector
  • Power: Amphenol C091-31G003-100-2 Connector
  • RF Interface 1 TNC Female Connector

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