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Monitoring and managing industry equipment on a large scale can be challenging but is necessary for the success of a business.

Wireless Innovation provides a host of satellite communications solutions for SCADA, Telemetry, and M2M applications. Our profound understanding of the protocols and SCADA/Telemetry systems used in all kinds of applications helps us determine the right solution for your operations.


A SCADA/Telemetry system, when applied properly, can help enterprises save time and money. Wireless Innovation have taken the time to understand the challenges that you face and that is why we provide solutions based on your requirements. We take full responsibility for delivering complete solutions and can transport any kind of data from anywhere in the world to wherever you want it.

We have the best products and integration experience necessary to deliver unique solutions that offer global connectivity, are cost-effective and are truly end-to-end.

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Wireless Innovation have been delivering complex end-to-end communications solutions for over 15 years. Discover more about Wireless Innovation.

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More about the services and expertise that set Wireless Innovation apart.

Case Studies

We haven't got round to documenting the services we have delivered, please check back soon!

Products used in SCADA / Telemetry

Our products and solutions are being used in a wide range of SCADA/ Telemetry applications.

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SCADA / Telemetry products

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