Taxi Dispatch Systems

Learn how Wireless Innovation help taxi and private hire companies to manage their fleets more effectively
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The next generation of taxi dispatch systems

For taxi and private hire companies, getting drivers to the correct locations on time is key to success. Late arrivals mean unhappy customers and unnecessary delays reduce a taxi’s earning time. Cellubi from Wireless Innovation provides a simple, cost-effective and featurerich alternative to PMR based solutions. Most taxis and private hire firms rely on an automated taxi dispatch system to manage their bookings. These dispatch systems come with a range of features, enabling firms to allocate fares, keep track of driver locations and organize their workflow in a more efficient, cost-effective way

The limitations of PMR

Increasingly however, taxi firms are beginning to realize that traditional dispatch systems have some serious limitations.

Most dispatch systems currently operate over PMR (Private Mobile Radio). Simple PMR based systems are only able to transfer a limited amount of data between the car and the control office and while this provides excellent coverage for voice communications between the driver and the control centre, it is Taxi Dispatch Systems Learn how Wireless Innovation help taxi and private hire companies to manage their fleets more effectively The limitations of PMR becoming clear that to gain a competitive edge, more is required from a dispatch system.

More and more taxi and private hire firms are turning to cell-based dispatch systems for the greater functionality and efficiency they provide.

Using a cell-based service, taxi firms are able to make their dispatch system more central to their workflow, helping them to work more efficiently and offer better service to their customers.

Cellubi – the clear choice for cell-based taxi dispatch systems

Cellubi from Wireless Innovation is a GSM service that has been designed specifically for use in M2M applications. It’s a simple managed service that provides all the data functionality required for leading edge taxi dispatch systems.

Cellubi offers a range of bespoke packages to ensure that customers pay only for the data they require, providing them with guaranteed network access for the life of the system regardless of how much or how little data is sent.

Security and theft issues are similarly mitigated with a managed M2M service. Cellubi SIMs can simply be locked down to ensure that they can only be used for outgoing calls to pre-defined numbers or for data downloads, that can also monitored and capped to stop excessive unforeseen bills Cellubi is backed and supported by the experience of the Wireless Innovation technical team. Cellubi customers can call on a dedicated M2M support team who understand the requirements of the system and are able to deliver practical assistance based on years of experience in delivering bespoke communications solutions.



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Device Type:

  • Cellular Service


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Cellubi enables:

Customer callback and auto text alerts:

  • A driver enabled with a cell-based dispatch system is able to automatically notify customers via SMS as he approaches the pick-up location.

Real-time map positioning:

  • Cell-based dispatch systems enable to control office to locate individual cars on the map with pinpoint accuracy leading to more efficient fare allocation and safer drivers.


  • Virtual boundaries can be created, notifying the control office with an alarm when a cab enters or leaves a designated zone.


  • Individual cars can be monitored to assess their speed, acceleration and braking.

Card payments:

  • With a cell-based dispatch system, drivers are able to make wireless credit card transactions securely and quickly