Our products and solutions are being used in a wide range of applications in the utilities industries


Water Industries


Water distribution and treatment is essential to life on this planet. Billions of litres of drinking water are delivered to homes and business across a country every day. Waste water must then be taken away for treatment and processing. In addition to these processes, water service providers are tasked with finding a communications solution to reach their remotely located assets.

Water pipes, sewer pipes, water treatment works, pumping stations, sludge treatment centres and reservoirs all need constant supervision. The data produced by such management equipment must be transported to control centres for assessment. Radio, GSM and fixed networks cannot always be relied upon, since water assets are often located in remote areas. This means that alternative methods often need to be considered, such as satellite.


It’s the level of expertise, gathered over more than 15 years, that enables us to take an end-to-end, full service approach t everything we do.

With more than 400 terminals providing satellite backhaul to 10 of the UK’s leading water companies and a wide installed base of solutions in the electricity industry, Wireless Innovation have the experience to help utilities bring their data home safely.


suitable products for
water utilities and
their applications:

Water Utility Solutions Gloucester

Corporate Overview

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