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  • Manchester, United Kingdom

Optimal Elevator Maintenance

Housing Associations and Local Authorities across the UK are responsible for the maintenance and operation of tens of thousands of elevators. Maintaining these machines and keeping them in optimal operating condition is a constant challenge that requires 24-hour connectivity and surveillance.

“Customers rarely know exactly what they are being billed for or what to expect and this makes it impossible to set (and keep to) precise budgets”

Escalating overheads with fixed line connections

Traditionally, lift operators and maintenance staff relied on fixed line connections to provide this crucial functionality. This meant working with a fixed line operator like BT and paying for a standard BT line with all the additional expenses and administration overheads that this entailed: line rental, multiple quarterly bills, call charges and in some cases the cost of creating the physical connection in the first place.

More and more housing associations, local authorities and lift maintainers are turning to a new low-cost alternative; dedicated GSM connections. Unlike a fixed line connection, GSM SIM cards can be installed simply and easily in any location, providing a safe, reliable connection with dramatically reduced line rental and call charges.

Mission critical equipment maintenance

Elevators are mission-critical equipment and operators are required to meet certain health, safety and maintenance obligations. First and foremost, they need to provide a reliable connection with the outside world, a monitored call button that enables passengers to sound the alert if the elevator fails or stalls. Elevators also have strict maintenance and service requirements and it’s crucial that operators and maintainers are able to monitor system performance in order to diagnose and pre-empt technical issues before they become serious.

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GSM / satellite service for mission-critical applications Cellubi from Wireless Innovation is a GSM service that has been designed specifically for use in M2M applications. It’s a simple managed service that removes the need for a fixed connection, significantly reduces costs and provides huge savings on line rental, call charges and administration. As Cellubi is a managed service that was designed for use in bespoke applications, there is no risk of the SIM being disconnected regardless of how infrequently it is used.

Cellubi removes the complexity of asset tracking with a comprehensive online administration interface that allows customers to manage all their accounts and tracked assets from a single online portal. This level of access and control allows Cellubi customers to manage their costs closely, set caps on data usage and prevent fraud.

Where other global M2M services charge variable data rates depending on carrier and country, Cellubi works on a single flat global rate. This means that Cellubi customers always know exactly what a KB of data costs. It doesn’t matter whether their goods are in Ukraine or Uzbekistan, Algeria or Armenia, they always pay the same price

“Wireless Innovation provided us with a reliable, cost-effective alternative with Cellubi. As it’s a contract service there is no network drop-off, the SIM cards stay on network regardless of how little they are used. There was no upfront cost either, just a small, ongoing monthly fee. It’s helped to lower our OPEX significantly.”

Dave YearsleyCity West Housing Trust, Salford


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