I am not quite sure exactly how much data allowance I need per month and am concerned that I may receive excessive coverage bills.

We can provide you with a demo SIM card and monitor your usages stats. At the end of the trial period we will have the information that will enable us to provide you with the correct data package.

What are the average ping times for satellite?

Latency for satellite connections is due to the distance the satellites are from earth. Communication satellites (two-way systems) are in the 500ms range for signals to be sent and received, however this is only the inherent time for the signal to travel back and forth over the distance, the real latency figure is then dependent upon what system is connected to the satellite hardware at either end, as the latency within the application will add to the inherent delay.

I am worried that when roaming abroad I may end up incurring a large unexpected bill.

We can put a data cap on your account, for example if you normally use 1Mbyte per month we could cap your device at 2Mbyte. When the device reaches the cap we can suspend service and inform you via email.

Can I use VPN to communicate to my work through my satellite connection?

Yes, with the use of specifically designed VPN and acceleration hardware, it is straightforward to offer VPN services.

I need to deploy devices across several different countries, but ideally want a flat rate fee per country, also some areas of deployment won’t have cellular coverage.

We have the ability to offer a flat rate globally for cellular data services and can offer satellite backhaul, also at a global flat rate for areas where there is no cellular coverage.

What is a Geostationary Satellite?

Geostationary satellites are positioned at an exact height above the earth (about 36000 Km). At this height they rotate around the earth at the same speed as the earth rotates around its axis, so in effect remaining stationary above a point on the earth (normally directly overhead the equator).

As they remain stationary they are ideal for use as communications satellites with fixed ground antennas.

Polar Orbiting satellites by comparison have a much lower orbit, (Leo or low earth orbit) moving around the Earth at distances of 500-700 miles above the Earth and giving coverage around the globe. These networks are used for a variety of purposes including communications.

What about if I go over my monthly allowance? If I do I don’t want to be billed for a complete new bundle or a whole Mbyte.

Our billing systems ensure that you only get billed for what you use, we can for example bill as low as 1Kbyte chunks for coverage.

I want a complete private network for all my devices, which are deployed globally. The major issue that some of my devices are not GSM and are CDMA based.

We have the ability to offer CDMA services off a complete single private network, irrespective of the types of cellular carrier.

Ideally I would like data from my devices sent to multiple locations, but don’t want to pay the excess data costs that this service will attract.

Via our multiburst platform, we can send the data to our secure servers, where they can be delivered to multiple locations, via a range of transport mechanisms, such as email, FTP, SQL, SMS.

What if my SIM card gets stolen?

Inform us immediately and we will put an instant bar on it.

I like to use a specific carrier for ease of management, but my carrier of choice has some blackspots in coverage.

Our Cellubi services provides data services from multiple carriers, so we can offer you comprehensive coverage. Where there are areas with no cellular coverage, we have ubiquitous satellite data coverage.