Intelligent Cellular is the SMART choice

The Intelligent Cellular (i-Cell) division of Wireless Innovation has developed a SMART solution to automatically switch from 2G to LTE spectrum encompassing eUICC technology. Our technology works in a wide range of industries, most notably utilities but also from vending to security and energy management.

With the proposed sunsetting of the “Second-Generation” – 2G and “Third Generation” – 3G networks throughout the World at different times there needs to be technology in place that can automatically switch seamlessly between the older generation to the new. Utilising Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card technology – eUICC makes the transition to Long-Term Evolution – LTE – CATM1 & NB-IoT easy and robust which is he heat of the i-Cell range of cellular products.

Products in the i-Cell range

i-Cell D-Sub 2G/LTE

The i-Cell D-Sub 2G/LTE modem supports worldwide LTE CATM1 & NB-IoT communications as well as providing legacy 2G quad band support. It features a maximum downlink and uplink data rate of approx 300kbps.

i-Cell OEM Communicator

Connect your information via the cloud from low rate ultra low power to video streams with i-Cell Communicator, the swiss army knife of IoT.

i-Cell 1140 2G/LTE

The iCell1140 is designed to fit the standard Elster A1140 meter range, and
interfaces with the proprietary interface via an RJ12 connector.