Connect your information via the cloud from low rate ultra low power to video streams with i-Cell Communicator, the swiss army knife of IoT.

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General product key features:

  • Cellular Comms: 4G Cat1/4 or 4G LTE-M, NBIoT, 2G
  • WiFi 2.4GHz ad-hoc, infrastructure and access point modes supported
  • GNSS Class leading precision and high (>10Hz) position updates
  • Serial and USB interfaces for sensors and data i/o
  • Global coverage nano sim or eSim
  • eUICC & iUICCcapability ensures no interruption of data, as can happen with roaming sims
  • Multifuncton portal and api for sending and receiving device data, data views and analysis – browser or app based
  • Highly configurable
  • Smart resilient SIMsupport
  • Low power
  • FOTAsupport

Who is it for?

The OEM Communicator is for use in multi markets as it assists with product that requires retro fit technology – for example with moving from CSD mode to IP. It is best in class technology and also a fast track design win where IP over the air is required.

The i-Cell OEM LTE / WiFi / GNSS communicator supports worldwide LTE category Cat 1/4 or M1/NB1 (NBloT) communications as well as providing legacy 2G quad band support.

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The i-Cell OEM Communicator features a maximum downlink and uplink data rate of over 50Mbps in LTE Cat4, 300kbps in LTE-M1.

This next generation product supports all the new features specified by 3GPP to boost loT applications, such as Power Saving Mode (PSM) and extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX), which along with proprietary firmware from Wireless lnnovation allows the modem to wake up periodically to deliver data and then go back to sleep, providing ultra low power consumption for long term battery applications.

Wireless innovation will project manage and deliver the complete solution, from the delivery of the hardware and the integration to the customers equipment, understand the latency they can work with and the required Space Segment to meet the required latency.