Iridium 9603N Developer Kit

The Iridium 9603N Developer’s Kit provides everything required to develop innovative tracking solutions using the world’s smallest form factor satellite transceiver. Designed for applications where space is at a premium, the Iridium 9603N Developer’s Kit provides a comprehensive, highly affordable platform for integration into your application.

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Product Description

Get started with the Iridium 9603N

The Iridium 9603N Developer’s Kit provides a complete development environment including an Iridium 9603N module mounted onto a Test Interface Card (TIC). This allows for easy powering, control and interface access to the 9603N and allows it to be used with standard off-the-shelf hardware (e.g. with 5V DC power supply, Iridium approved antennas etc.)

Each 9603N Developer’s Kit contains:

  • 1x Iridium 9603N module (mounted on an Iridium 9602 TIC)
  • 1x Iridium 9602N Test Interface Card (TIC)
  • CD containing:
    • 9603N Developer’s Guide
    • SBD Service Developer’s Guide
    • Reference files in a variety of formats
  • 1x Pigtail cable, U.FL to SMA (SAMTEC MH113-MH1RP-01BJ1-0150)
  • Power Supply
  • Packaging

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