GlobalAlertingPlatform (GAP)

Connecting people and things through one complete platform.

The Global Alerting Platform (GAP) is a global messaging services platform that supports a wide range of applications including lone worker protection, machine to machine (M2M) communication, text messaging and track and trace. GAP is the platform of choice for some of the world’s most demanding applications; every day thousands of people rely on GAP for global communication and safety management.

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Product Description

GAP provides gateway services to satellite communications networks such as Iridium and Inmarsat. It supports all popular satellite data protocols and facilitates message routing and interoperability between a wide range of devices. A pluggable architecture allows new devices and protocols to be integrated quickly.

A developer Application Programming Interface (API) allows custom and vertical market applications to be developed against a reliable, scalable and highly available messaging core. The system is operated as a “Software as a Service” meaning that we operate and manage the system whilst providing applications and services via the Internet.

The GAP system is self-healing and able to withstand many kinds of hardware and network failure. GAP operations are managed to the highest standards with rigorous disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

GAP is designed to support a wide range of devices and allow them to interoperate. For example, you can send a message from your SPOT device and have it delivered to an Iridium SBD device or have your regular position reports automatically update your friends via your social networks. Customers with a mixture of device types can manage them through a single system
  • Iridium Extreme
  • Iridium SBD
  • ISatPhone Pro
  • SPOT from Globalstar
  • SkyWave IDP Range
  • SmartOne from Globalstar
  • Quake Global Q-Pro
  • Fleet Broadband
  • GTTS-2000B
  • SkyWave DMR
  • Smart Phones
  • WideAwake Tracker

Networks and Protocols

Supported satellite communications networks include:
  • Iridium
  • Inmarsat
  • Globalstar
  • SkyWave
GAP supports Iridium Short Burst Data delivery via e-mail or DirectIP. GAP can also interoperate with terrestrial GSM, 3G and SMS networks. Protocols include:
  • Iridium Extreme protocol
  • Inmarsat D+
  • AST iX protocol for (M2M) applications
  • GD92 Fire Service Mobilization Protocol
  • Social network API formats
XML formats
Connect and manage any type of device GAP can receive and process messages from any type of device, including satellite and cellular devices. Message Translation GAP can translate messages between disparate device types, meaning that you can send a message from an Iridium Extreme to a SHOUT Nano or from an iPhone to a Delorme InReach SE. Manage check-in schedules The robust check-in scheduler lets you easily define and assign check-in schedules, and automates missed or overdue check-in notifications. Centralised and comprehensive alert notifications in real-time The portal enables easy, centralised management of more than just emergency alerts, and promptly notifies your escalation contacts when incidents occur. Incident logs You can maintain comprehensive, time stamped incident logs that include all messages, GPS coordinates, and notes added by emergency managers for journey monitoring, incident investigations, training or continuous improvement of your safety practices. Multiple notifications channels Alerts can be sent via SMS, e-mail, voice call (IVR) or as text messages to other GAP registered devices (such as satellite phones). Man-down No-motion notifications can be raised based on specific parameters. Geofencing, barred locations and points of interest Receive a prompt notification when a device crosses an assigned geofence. Remote configuration Where supported, certain device settings can be configured remotely. Group management Group devices together to make it easy to perform actions on multiple devices, such as sending text messages or assigning check-in schedules. Rule engine and event notification The sophisticated rules engine, allowing alerts to be raised based on multiple criteria.

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Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium, SkyWave