Water is a prerequisite to life on this planet. The provision of water to homes and businesses as well as wastewater treatment is also essential. In fact, water utility companies need to provide billions of litres of fresh water to residential and commercial customers and to recycle equal amounts every day. As a result, water and wastewater service providers are under more pressure than ever to improve operational efficiencies. There is one key area in which improvements can be made and that is effective monitoring and control of water production and treatment assets and other remote sites.

Increasingly, such sites are found in remote parts of a country, particularly as demand for water is increasing. Similarly, the infrastructure required to deliver water to users and to take it away for treatment must cross challenging terrain. The equipment needed to manage this infrastructure and the various water plants needs constant supervision. This equipment generates significant volumes of data that must be recorded and conveyed to operations centres in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the cycle and to enable action to be taken in the event of any problems that might emerge.

Effective monitoring and control of such assets requires complete visibility. One type of monitoring system that is frequently deployed is known as Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, or SCADA. Often within a SCADA system there will be wireless telemetry media that transmit data gathered by equipment sensors via radio, cellular or satellite networks. For water and wastewater plants in remote locations, the most successful way to convey this critical data to operations centres is via satellite. The VSAT, or Very Small Aperture Terminal, is particularly suitable for deployment in remote monitoring applications. This is because it is optimised for low-bandwidth, two-way data transmission – in other words, the kind of data that is conveyed in SCADA and Telemetry applications.

The TSAT3000 is a variant of VSAT that has been further optimised for mission critical communications, offering a private satellite communications network, in water and other utility industries. For this reason it is the ideal choice for SCADA and Telemetry applications in water and wastewater plants.

Wireless Innovation can deliver complete, turnkey solutions for all satellite communications, such as the TSAT3000, involving SCADA and Telemetry systems.

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