Finding a suitable location is one of the biggest challenges in the renewable energy industry. For a solar installation to be successful it has to deliver a consistent and reliable supply of energy and in order to do this it must be situated in exactly the right place. To justify the investment that a solar thermal power plant requires, developers need detailed knowledge of the environment as well as data on the performance of installation equipment.

Since these sites are often in remote and inaccessible desert locations, data gathering stations have to be designed to withstand harsh conditions; they need to be robust, efficient and low-maintenance. It’s impractical and hazardous to retrieve data manually so measurement stations also need to provide reliable and secure remote connectivity, ensuring data can be collected and equipment monitored.

To provide the reliable data backhaul required for a recent solar energy assessment project developer organisations need a robust satellite, such as the MiChroSat 2403 solution from Wireless Innovation. MiChroSat 2403 is an Iridium based solution that provides secure, reliable satellite connectivity in places where GPRS coverage is poor. It’s a flexible and programmable solution that removes any reliance on the existing terrestrial infrastructure. MiChroSat 2403 allows data logging solutions to be deployed in remote and hostile locations, seamless integrating with data loggers to provide secure, reliable connectivity over the Iridium satellite network.

Wireless Innovation’s extensive experience in renewable energy and detailed technical understanding of the entire infrastructure ensures customers receive a complete end-to-end solution. So, instead of agonising about the challenges of installing a renewable energy resource, why not take advantage of our ‘solutions without strings’ approach?