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Electrical power must be generated and delivered to homes and businesses across a country. Often, power is generated in remote locations, particularly as more renewable and offshore sources of energy are added to the network. This additional infrastructure requires equipment to manage it, which then needs constant supervision. The equipment also generates significant volumes of data, which must be conveyed to operations centres for assessment, enabling action to be taken in the event of any problems that might emerge.

Power and transmission sites may be beyond the reach of conventional information carriers, such as fixed or cellular mobile operators. What is needed is an alternative method to transfer this vital data between field-based systems and control centres, such as satellite.


Wireless Innovation and its partners now offer complete, turnkey management solutions, tailored to the requirements of power, transmission and distribution companies. This unique solution resolves issues associated with the crucial element in a successful project implementation: the interface between the satellite and the SCADA or Telemetry system.

In multi-vendor and multi-technology solutions, Wireless Innovation takes ownership of the task of integrating different interfaces, ensuring a smooth connection and seamless transport of the data.


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